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Sunday, June 6, 2010

What Happened To May??

Image Title: "Wild Child" by Eric VanRaemdonck
All rights reserved. Available as Fine Art Notecard at www.ArtisticNatureDotCom.etsy.com

Well I have had yet another head spinning month, and I must say that God does work in the most amazing and mysterious ways!!

I could not write before this because since the middle of May I have been planning a very unexpected trip.

For those of you who read my blog, (bless you) you may recall that I mentioned that my son was going to be graduating this year with his PhD in neuroscience.
And that he was receiving an award for the work he has done both with his research and for being published in a science journal before he graduated.
He was to be honored at UCLA on May 18Th and because of the fact that my husband and I are full time caregivers to my husband's dad, plus the fact that I had just been to CA. in January, though it broke my heart, I just didn't think I could be there.

My ex-husband who lives in CA. emailed an invitation to my husband and I for a dinner he and his wife would be hosting in David's honor after the award ceremony.
Well this really drove home the thought that I couldn't be there and I had to email them back to tearfully tell them so.
A couple of day's later, I received another email from my "ex" with yet another invitation.
He said that they knew how much it would mean to David to have both his mother and little sister there on such an occasion and that they would like to extend the invitation to fly my daughter and myself out in time for the ceremony. They wanted this to be a surprise for our son so I couldn't write anything on my blog until after the event, just in case my son should read it.

Soooo, We had a wonderful time, the expression on my son's face when we first came pulling up in the car and he saw me was priceless.
This was the first time I ever had the opportunity to see my son speak publicly and he was amazing! Of course none of us understood a word of it but we knew it was some very heady stuff.
So my son's a genius!! No Really.

I just want to say that if there are any of you out there who are contemplating divorce, or who are already divorced and there are kids involved, just remember, your children aren't getting a divorce, you are.
My "ex" and I agreed that we would always do all that we could to keep our divorce from hurting our son as much as we were possibly able. We stayed as friendly and amicable as we possibly could under the circumstances. When we did disagree, we kept it between us and NEVER used our son as a pawn to try to turn him against one another to serve our wounded pride.
As a result my sons family simply expanded when each of his parents remarried and he had more people to love and help raise him.
The results speak for themselves.

Our son is not only very smart, but he is an easy going guy who doesn't take himself or anything else for that matter too seriously. (Well clearly he does take some things very seriously.) He enjoys his life and the relationships that God has blessed him with. When he was 3 years old and I was a single mom, I entered him in a small family run preschool. The woman who ran it said "I've never seen such a well balanced child".
Put you're children first and see how far they will go.

I also want to offer my public thanks to my ex-husband and his wife Leon & Annette(even though they told me to stop thanking them) for a lifetime of mutual respect, consideration and commitment to our son.